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A Place Further than the Universe is a manga written by Meme Yoimachi (宵町 めめ), published in 2018 by Kadokawa.

With three volumes, the manga is a scene-for-scene retelling of the story from the anime series A Place Further than the Universe. Volume 1 covers episodes 1 - 4. Volume 2 covers episodes 5 - 8. Volume 3 covers episodes 9 - 13.


Yoimachi is the creator of several manga,

  • The Last Journey of the Fifteen Witches (十五魔女の最後の旅) 2020, currently in serialization

Yoimachi also wrote the novel Infinite Night Train (無限夜行), and the children's book series Raincoat Kids (レインコートキッズ) and Mayoito Spica (マヨイトスピカ).   

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