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This is a chapter in Volume 1 of A Place Further Than the Universe manga.


After work, Shirase tallys her money, and finds that she has at last accumulated 1 million yen. She stuffs the envelope of money into her satchel and dashes off to catch the train. The next day at school, she searches her bag desperately, but the envelope is gone and she has lost it all. In the washroom, she breaks down in tears. Coming out of the washroom, she finds Kimari standing there presenting the envelope back to her, having seen Shirase drop it on the train platform. Shirase shows the book about Antarctica that her mother wrote, explaining how her mother disappeared during an expedition to Antarctica. Her goal now is to go there herself.

Some time later as Shirase leaves school, two girls try to shake her down for some money, but Kimari arrives and the other girls scurry off. Kimari encourages Shirase to work towards her dream, and offers to help if she can. Shirase invites Kimari to join her in the quest for Antarctica, beginning with a tour of the expedition ship that weekend. She waits at the train platform, but Kimari hasn't arrived. As she gets on board, Kimari runs up, and the two of them are off.


This chapter is based on One Million Yen For Youth (Episode 1) of the anime. It is told entirely from Shirase's perspective, whereas the anime is told from Kimari's point of view.