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This is Chapter 11 in Volume 3 of A Place Further Than the Universe manga.


Hinata tells Yumiko the story of how she lost her passport during their layover in Singapore on the way to Fremantle. She told the others to fly on ahead while she stayed in Singapore until she could get a new passport at the embassy. However, Shirase was stubborn and insisted that they would all stay with Hinata. When the passport turned up in Shirase’s handbag, Shirase and Hinata were made to eat a durian as punishment.

Toshio sets up a video conference to Japan. Kimari’s family is there on the other end. They laugh at Kimari’s sunburned face. Some friends of Hinata show up as well. Hinata immediately dashes off, remembering them from the track team, and thinking back on how they bad-mouthed her. She goes outside to blow off some steam, not knowing that Shirase has followed her, and sees how upset she is.


This chapter is based on Welcome to the Durian Show (Episode 6) and Bash That Drum Can! (Episode 11) of the anime.