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This is Chapter 6 in Volume 2 of A Place Further Than the Universe manga.


Megumi decides that she needs to live without Kimari

Megumi is at Morinji Temple with Kimari on the day before the girls fly to Fremantle. Megumi reveals that there’s some nasty rumors being spread about them. Shirase and Hinata arrive, and Kimari tells them about it. Shirase wants to confront the kids saying these things, but Hinata tells her to let it go, as she has done with all of the other gossip she’s ignored. They end up going to karaoke together. Walking home with Megumi, Kirumi talks about her need to go somewhere far away; that it is because she wants to be independent instead of relying on Megumi all the time.

In the morning, Megumi is there outside Kimari’s house. Megumi confesses how she’s been trying to sabotage the trip all along. Hearing that Kimari wants to be independent made her realize that she too clings to someone; to Kimari, and obsessively needs someone to look after. Without Kimari, she would have nothing. She says that she is breaking up with Kimari, and taking her first steps into a world without her. Kimari, however, rejects the breakup.


This chapter is based on Dear My Friend (Episode 5) of the anime.