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This is Chapter 9 in Volume 2 of A Place Further Than the Universe manga.


Gin Todo describes clouds

The voyage to Antarctica continues. Communications officer Toshio Zaizen tells the girls that he is in love with expedition commander Gin Todo. He wants their advice. This gives the girls inspiration for some fresh material in their online reporting. They interview with the commander about personal aspects of her life. She describes her "type" as "like a cloud", for which Shirase recollects her commenting "Aren't clouds amazing? They're always there when you look up, and yet you can't ever grasp them."

Gin approaches Shirase to discuss what happened to Takako, and how they both feel about it. Shirase doesn’t understand how she feels. It’s as if she’s still just waiting for her mother to come back. Later, finding the commander alone, Toshio approaches her, but then seeing how upset she is, he turns around and disappears.

The ship reaches pack ice near their destination. Everyone is excited as the ship breaks through the ice. Shirase imagines her mother out there encouraging them to keep going. With the sea voyage ending, the girls step out onto the ice. Shirase celebrates by shouting a retort to everyone who doubted her, “In your face!”


This chapter is based on Antarctic Love Story (Blizzard Arc) (Episode 9) of the anime.