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Noitamina Radio broadcast 2013

Jukki Hanada (花田 十輝) wrote the series composition and the script for all 13 episodes of the A Place Further than the Universe anime series.

Born in 1969, Hanada attended Hosei University in Tokyo with the goal of becoming a professional screenwriter. His first anime screenplay was for Episode 46 of Jankenman in 1991, as a collaboration with screenwriter Takao Koyama who also was a college instructor to Hanada.[1]

These are some of his significant previous works

  • Bloom Into You (Series composition; Script for all episodes)
  • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions (Series composition; Script for all episodes in both seasons plus the movie)
  • Love Live! (Series composition; Script)
  • Nichijou (Series composition; Script for 11 episodes)
  • No Game No Life (Series composition, Script eps 1-4, 9, 12)
  • Sound! Euphonium (Series composition; Script for all episodes in both seasons and the sequel movie Chikai no Finale)
  • Steins; Gate and Steins; Gate 0 (Series composition; Script for 15 episodes)

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