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This is a list of all of the characters in A Place Further Than the Universe

High School Girls[]

Mari Tamaki icon.png

"Kimari" Mari Tamaki - Kimari wanted to make the most of her youth, and seized her chance to go on an amazing adventure.

Shirase Kobuchizawa icon.png

Shirase Kobuchizawa - Shirase's mother was lost in Antarctica on a previous expedition. Shirase became obsessed with going there in order to bring closure to her feelings over the loss.

Hinata Miyake icon.png

Hinata Miyake - Hinata left high school for personal reasons, and completed her studies on her own. She was ready to do something exciting before having to concentrate on college entrance exams.

Yutsuki Shiraishi icon.png

Yuzuki Shiraishi - A child actor, Yuzuki's manager arranged for her to go to Antarctica as part of her career as an entertainer.


Megumi Takahashi - Kimari's childhood friend and confidant

Antarctic Expedition Crew[]


Kanae Maekawa - Vice commander of the Antarctic expedition


Gin Tōdō - Commander of the Antarctic expedition. She was a close friend of Shirase's mother Takako.


Takako Kobuchizawa - Shirase's mother, and best friend of expedition leader Gin Tōdō


Yumiko Samejima - Head cook


Chiaki Mukai - Captain of expedition ship Penguin Manju Go


Toshio Zaizen - Communications officer


Dai Himi - Construction leader


Nobue Todoroki - Geologist


Yume Sasaki - Astronomer

Honami Yasumoto.jpeg

Honami Yasumoto - Microbiologist

Other Supporting Characters[]


Tamiko Shiraishi - Yuzuki's mother and manager


Rin Tamaki - Kimari's younger sister

2 Kimaris boss.PNG

Convenience store manager

4 Teacher.png

School teacher

5 Parents.png

  • Yoko Tamaki - Kimari and Rin's mother. Unnamed in the credits, but her name can be seen on the permission form.
  • Kimari's father (unnamed)