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This is a list of all of the episodes in A Place Further Than the Universe.

1 Megumi and Kimari v3.png

1 - One Million Yen For Youth
Kimari’s journey of adventure is foiled yet again when she backs out at the last minute. Then she meets Shirase, who has a goal of going to Antarctica. This is the chance that Kimari has been looking for to make the most of her youth.

2 Running for her youth.PNG

2 - Kabukicho Fremantle
Hinata joins Shirase and Kimari’s quest for Antarctica. They head off to Tokyo to execute Shirase’s plan for joining the expedition team.

3 Studying.png

3 - The Follow Backs Don't Stop!
Yuzuki’s manager has made arrangements for her to go on the Antarctic expedition. The other girls want to join her, which seems unlikely since Yuzuki refuses to go herself.

4 Orienteering.PNG

4 - Four Caterpillars
The girls attend a training camp to learn how to handle life in Antarctica.

5 Kimari and Megumi.png

5 - Dear My Friend
As the girls make final preparations for the expedition, Kimari’s friend Megumi reveals a problem.

6 The Merlion.PNG

6 - Welcome to the Durian Show
The girls fly to Singapore on their way to Australia. It’s a fun trip until Hinata discovers that she’s made a big mistake, and tells the others that they have to go on ahead to Australia without her.

7 Shirase reports.png

7 - The Ship That Sees the Universe
In Fremantle, Australia, the girls find that some of the researchers are worried, and hiding something about the expedition.

8 Waves on the ocean 2.png

8 - Howling, Maddening, Screaming
The ship sets sail for Antarctica. When the girls become horribly seasick, they question whether joining the expedition was the right thing to do.

9 Watching the ice break.png

9 - Antarctic Love Story (Blizzard Arc)
During the voyage to Antarctica, Shirase confronts her mother’s friend Gin Todo about what happened during the previous expedition.

10 Yuzukis birthday.png

10 - Partial Friendship
They have arrived at the research base in Antarctica. When the others ignore her birthday, Yuzuki wonders whether they are friends at all.

11 Hinata vents her anger.png

11 - Bash That Drum Can!
Voices from her past get Hinata upset, but she tries to keep it a secret from the others.

12 Snowcat caravan.png

12 - A Place Further Than the Universe
They travel inland using a caravan of snowcats. Shirase must finally confront her feelings, because this is where her mother disappeared.

13 It's time to go.png

13 - We'll Go On Another Journey Someday
The girls get ready to leave Antarctica. They muse about how the trip has affected each of them.