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Mata ne (またね) is an insert song from A Place Further Than the Universe. It is performed by saya.

Music, lyrics, and arrangement are by Yoshiaki Fujisawa, who composed the original soundtrack. The song plays in Episode 5 and Episode 10, and is played over the end credits in Episode 12. It was included on the original soundtrack CD release.[1]

  • Acoustic guitar: Takayuki Ota
  • All other instruments & programming: Yoshiaki Fujisawa

Use of the word 'ne' (ね) as an affirmation of friendship is the basis of one of the principal themes of the show. While it is most commonly translated simply as "right?", it has a subtext of friendship that is difficult to express so simply in English. In Episode 3, it is used to when Hinata says that they only just met, to indicate that they wish to be friends. In Episode 10, it is used by Yuzuki to ask, "we're good?", by which Kimari realizes that it encompasses friendship in one word. [2]


Sotto haita iki ga
Sora ni tokete kieta
Ima mo mune no oku
Shizukani yurete iru

Shiroku kagayaku sekai
Nokoshita ashiato mo kiete
Hatenai to omotteta toki ga
Owari wo tsugeru

Dakara zutto wasurenai
Kotoba yori taisetsuna omoi ga
Kitto tsunaide kureru
Itsuno hika mata tabini deyou

Sekaijuu doko ni itatte
Onaji sora no shita ayunde iru
Hora soba ni iru yo

Dakara zutto wasurenai
Issho ni ita kakegae no nai toki ga
Kitto tsunaide kureru
Itsu made mo itsu made mo mata ne

My breath
Melted away in the air
Even now as my chest
Softly exhales

To a sparkling white world
The footprints behind us have disappeared
The days that I thought would be endless
Are now over

This is why I'll never forget
Feelings are more important than words
Is what I'm trying to express
We'll go on another journey someday

Wherever I am in the world
While we are under the same sky
I'll be by your side

This is why I'll never forget
The time we spent together is irreplaceable
Is what I'm trying to express
Forever and ever, forever and ever, we'll be friends



だから ずっと忘れない
いつの日か また旅に出よう

ほら そばにいるよ

だから ずっと忘れない
一緒にいた かけがえのない時が
いつまでも いつまでも またね


YouTube: Mata ne on channel 藍澤奏