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Nobue Todoroki (轟 信恵 Todoroki Nobue) is the Geologist of the Antarctic Challenge Foundation's observation team.

In episode 11, the main characters assist Nobue with two operations. In the first, Nobue and the girls discover sea ice near where the Penguin Manju Go was docked. In the second, Nobue takes the girls to Rundvågshetta to place geodetic markers and paint the rock surrounding them.

Nobue is often portrayed feeling lovesick. She was in tears during a call to her husband, whose name she gives as "Yu-kun", while at Fremantle the night before the voyage. She becomes overjoyed when Yu-kun finally contacts her during New Year's Eve.

On the day the girls leave, Nobue gives them an "I ❤️ YOU" woolly jumper to pass to her husband.


Nobue's full body and facial expressions

Nobue has slightly wavy chin-length brown hair that is swept on either side and brown eyes.

She wears a red shirt, beige overalls and white shoes with blue socks.


  • The name Nobue means "trust, believe" (信) (nobu) and "favor, benefit" (恵) (e).
  • Nobue's surname Todoroki means "A loud noise sounds and crackles".
    • The surname (Todoroki) (轟) is kind of rare, but it still exists in real life and the kanji (todoroku) (轟く) is often used for thundering expressions.