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One Million Yen for Youth is the first episode in the A Place Further Than the Universe series. It premiered on January 2, 2018.


Tamaki Mari, who goes by Kimari, has a list of goals, including, "Get the most out of youth". As a first step, she decides to skip school and take an impromptu trip to Tokyo, but she backs out at the last minute. She discusses it with her best friend Megumi. At the train station Shirase Kobuchizawa runs past Kimari and drops an envelope. Kimari finds that the envelope has one million yen inside. Later at school she returns the money to Shirase, and is told that the money is for her goal of going to Antarctica. Some older girls find out about it, and try to shake down Shirase for money, but Kimari helps her out.

Kimari encourages Shirase, and is invited to join in the quest. They go by train to Kure, where they tour the Antarctic expedition ship.


  • Kimari and Shirase attend the fictional Tatara Nishi High School.
  • When Kimari headed out for her aborted journey without a plan, she began at Tatebayashi Station.map
  • After school Kimari and Megumi met up at Morinji Templemap (茂林寺), then Kimari went to catch a northbound train from nearby Morinji-Mae Station.map Shirase ran by and went up the stairs that cross over to the northbound track.
  • When Kimari looks inside the envelope that Shirase dropped, she stands in front of a "Get 1,000,000 Yen Challenge!!" billboard without noticing.
  • The pavilion where Kimari and Shirase meet up is at Tsutsujigaoka Park map (つつじが岡公園).
  • Kimari and Shirase live in Tatebayashi, Gunma prefecture.[1] They travel to Kure, Hiroshima prefecture to tour the icebreaker Shirase. The trip is 997 km.map It’s an hour and a half using two trains to get to Tokyo where they can pick up the Shinkansen, about 4 hours on the Shinkansen to Hiroshima, then 40 minutes on another train to get to Kawaraishi Station.map The one-way fare as of 2020 was ¥20,250 (about $400 USD for the return trip). If Kimari left on the 8:12 am train out of Tatebayashi Station and met Shirase onboard the 9:50 Shinkansen (which is the time seen on the signboard in the station), they can make it to the pier by 3:05 pm.[2] The location can be seen in the brochure that Shirase gives to Kimari. They are cutting it close on time, since the brochure seems to say that the last tour starts at 3:30.
  • Japanese icebreaker Shirase (hull number AGB-5003) in real life is an icebreaker registered to the Self Defense Force. It was built specifically for annual missions to Antarctica. It's first mission began in November 2009. Main page: Penguin Manju Go.
  • The show title is often translated as "One Million Yen for Youth", including in the Crunchyroll listing. However, instead of using the kanji (百万円 Hyaku Man-en) for "One Million Yen", the Japanese title has it spelled phonetically in hiragana (しゃくまんえん Shaku man'en) in order to change the pronunciation. This is the way Shirase says it when she is in the bathroom because she's crying.[3] The translation on the title card is "One Mwillion Yen for Youth", which makes a similar twist on the pronunciation. Kimari will sometimes use the Shaku man pronunciation instead of Hyaku man, such as in Episode 6.


  • "Water collects into stagnant pools
    I've always loved watching it spill out all at once
    Breaking free, liberated, rushing out
    The energy stored up during its stagnation bursts forth
    Everything springs into action!" - Kimari, spoken at the opening of the episode
  • “I’m going on a journey. This time, I am going on a journey. I’ll get on the train that goes opposite the usual way, so that I can see things I’ve never seen before… I’m scared; it’s true… I want to call it off… It might all turn out to be pointless… But… My youth sprang into action!” - Kimari, as she heads out on the trip to see the icebreaker
  • This is Kimari's list of things she wants to do in high school:
    • Keep a diary
    • Skip school just once
    • Go on a journey without a plan
    • Get the most out of youth (青春する Seishun suru)


The insert song for this episode is "Haru ka Tooku".

  • Vocals: saya
  • Music and lyrics: Fujisawa, Yoshiaki (藤澤 慶昌)