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The Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Original Soundtrack (TVアニメ「宇宙よりも遠い場所」オリジナルサウンドトラック) by Yoshiaki Fujisawa (藤澤 慶昌) is the soundtrack from A Place Further Than the Universe.[1]

The full soundtrack was released as a 2-CD set which included a piano (no vocals) version of the opening and acoustic (no vocals) version of the closing songs, and the full version of "Mata ne" insert song. A partial soundtrack was released as a single CD included with DVD #4 of the DVD release set which included TV-size versions of the opening theme "The Girls Are Alright!" and closing theme "Koko kara, Koko kara", and the full version of "The Follow Backs Don't Stop" insert song.[2]

Yoshiaki Fujisawa

Born September 12, 1981, Fujisawa began writing music for Japanese pop artists in 2008.[3] He did the full soundtrack for Endro!, No Game No Life Zero, GATE, Land of the Lustrous, and Love Live! season 2. For A Place Further than the Universe he composed and wrote lyrics for the insert songs "Mata ne", "Sora wo Miagete", and "Haru ka Tooku".