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Tatara Nishi High School (多々良西高等学校 Tatara nishikōtō gakkō), "Tatashi" for short, is a fictional mixed-sex school in Tatebayashi, Gunma prefecture, attended by the characters in A Place Further than the Universe. There is a real-life school in that neighbourhood, Tatebayashi Girls' High School (群馬県立館林女子高等学校), but it is an all-girls school, and looks completely different from the one in the show. The look of the show's school is based on Kiryu City Commercial High School (桐生市立商業高等学校), in Kiryu, Gunma prefecture. This school is given an acknowledgement in the end credits.

The nearest train station is Tatebayashi Station. Kimari lived near this station, and she was seen in Episode 1 catching a train here after leaving her house, as other students are getting off the train.

Another nearby location is the pavilion in Tsutsujigaoka Park (つつじが岡公園), where the characters sometimes met after school. Also near Tatebayashi Station is the Lawson Convenience Store where Kimari and Hinata worked. It's a national chain of convenience stores.

Morinji Temple (茂林寺) is about 3 km to the south of Tsutsujigaoka Park, and is another local place where the girls met after school to talk. It is nearby to Morinji-Mae Station. Shirase lived near this station, and was seen in Episode 2 biking home from here. Episode 3 begins with Yuzuki at this station on her way to Shirase's house. Megumi also lived near this station, and in Episode 1 said goodbye to Kimari here so Kimari could get a northbound train to go home. Hinata lived to the south, and was seen in Episode 2 taking a southbound train from Morinji-Mae. Morinji-Mae Station was where Shirase dropped the million yen in Episode 1 as she ran to catch a northbound train.