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We'll Go On Another Journey Someday is the thirteenth and final episode of A Place Further Than the Universe.


Hinata leads the shift-change daily meeting. The girls head out on snowmobiles for the Ice Operation, which takes them to a glacier where they eat shaved ice. Some penguins approach Shirase, who appreciates being with them. Kimari suggests that they stay on through the winter, but the idea is shot down by the other girls. Kanae suggests that they choose a last adventure before their departure, and the girls ask to play a baseball game. Shirase gets her hair cut short like Takako’s was. Shirase gives a heartfelt goodbye speech at the final expedition assembly. Dai Himi gets Yuzuki’s autograph.

Onboard the expedition ship, night falls for the first time in weeks, and the girls see the aurora. Gin finds an unsent e-mail on Takako's laptop, and sends it on to Shirase.

The say goodbye on the train platform, as they take their separate trains. Yuzuki greets her mom. Shirase leaves an offering at Takako’s shrine. Hinata gives a present to her boss. At home, Kimari texts Megumi, who responds that she is in the arctic, and has seen the aurora.


  • A general rule for visitors to Antarctica is that they stay 5 meters away from wildlife.[1] If a bird approaches a person, as happened to Shirase, then it's okay, but Shirase is still not to pet them or handle them. This is what Hinata means when she says that she can't get closer than 5 meters.


  • "It means that even when we're not together, we can be together. After all... we're still who we are." - Kimari, as they say goodbye
  • “Everyone, good morning. As you all know, my mother was a member of your Antarctic expedition. She loved Antarctica, and left our house in her obsession. When I looked at her, to be honest, it was hard for me to have positive feelings about Antarctica. I think wanting to change that feeling was the reason I came here. A place further than the universe. Mom… rather, my mother called it that. It’s a place that strips everything bare. Time, life, hearts. It’s a place with nothing to protect you and nowhere to hide. It’s an environment that exposes everything we’re embarrassed about, and everything we want to hide, and so naked and crying, we’re forced to come face-to-face with who we really are. We’ve overcome trial after trial together, and from that, I think I now understand the reason my mother loved this place was not just this scenery, this sky, this wind, but also the time she spent here, overcoming things with her team. She loved this atmosphere, where you have no choice but to overcome things with your team. I love this place. Good luck over the winter. I’ll be back again, I swear.” - Shirase's farewell address to the expedition team.
  • As the girls go their separate ways, they give this final homily to the viewer:
“When you go on a journey, there are things you learn for the first time.
- That this scenery is indispensable
- That people change, the world changes, even when you’re not looking
- That there’s no such thing as a “nothing” day
- That your house has its own smell
If you want to learn those things, you’ve got to get moving.
Then just keep moving until you see something you’ve never seen before.
No matter how far you go, the world is so big you’ll definitely find something new.
It’s a little scary, but I know you can do it, because people who feel the same way will find you right away.”


Three of the insert songs play in this episode.

Haru ka Tooku

  • Vocals: saya
  • Music and lyrics: Fujisawa, Yoshiaki (藤澤 慶昌)

One Step. This song is performed by the principal voice actors in character as their roles in the anime.

  • Vocals: Inori Minase, Kana Hanazawa, Yuka Iguchi, Saori Hayami
  • Music: Yuyoyuppe and Yairi
  • Lyrics: Yuyoyuppe

Sora wo Miagete

  • Vocals: saya
  • Music and lyrics: Fujisawa, Yoshiaki (藤澤 慶昌)